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Michael & Vanessa Ruppe

I enclosed an e-mail you sent me a long, long time ago. Seems we've been working towards liberating this house for well over a year together.
I just wanted you to know how appreciative I am of your constant work with the house. Through a miserable time as both a seller and a real estate agent, you were constantly working to come up with new ways to get the home sold. I am convinced that if I had gone with a generic realtor form a local agency, the house would still be on the market today.
I know I only got a glimpse of the work you put into marketing and encouraging interest in the house. But you were always honest and nice when talking about a frustrating, dismal situation.
And I know that the stress of the market and the disappointment when things collapse (I didn't enjoy the process of watching our first offer dissolve) has taken its toll on us in far more ways then just a financial one. I can't tell you how much better I feel now that I'm not making mortgage payments, paying utilities, fretting over vandalism, and hearing about all the foreclosed houses on the street.
You and I know that my home was worth so much more just a few years ago. It's a shame that the neighborhood has taken such a turn for the worse. I know that you are very happy and relieved to have finished the sale. But unfortunately I believe you were massively underpaid for the job. We can't thank you enough for getting us out of this house so we can move forward without the worry of the property. Thanks for everything you've done.
Michael and Vanessa Ruppe

John & Cynthia Scanlon

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to serve as a personal and professional referral for Mr. Tom Seaman, and as a strong recommendation for the use of his services.

During what was perhaps the worst real estate market in memory, Mr. Seaman listed our house, represented us with the financial institution and negotiated the sale to the ultimate satisfaction of all parties, despite a combination of unfavorable conditions which rendered the sale of the property difficult.

Before securing Mr. Seaman's services, the property was previously listed with two competitive realtors (including Realty One in Medina) for almost two years with dismal results. When the listing was turned over to Mr. Seaman, he had to deal with a number of challenging situations including an unresponsive mortgage company, a poor real estate market and a very competitive situation in a neighborhood with a disproportionate number of homes either in short sale or foreclosure. His great personal approach and his unquestionable professionalism resulted in a sale, despite the aforementioned difficulties.

In closing, we can not recommend Mr. Seaman strongly enough. We relocated within Medina County after moving out of the property we listed with him, and when it comes time to sell this house we will most certainly list with Mr. Seaman again.


John W. Scanlon

Cynthia D. Scanlon

Judy Greenberger

Dear Tom:·
I wanted to thank you and your entire staff for all your help in the sale of our Mayfield 'Hts property. We had a very difficult situation dealing with the inspectors for the City as they were requiring very unrealistic expectations which we could not accommodate. We needed to find a buyer for our property quickly, yet get a price that enabled us to payoff our mortgage. You were recommended to us by our previous Realtor, and we have always felt comfortable with her recommendations.
We have never had any prior experience selling our house by auction, and had never explored the possibility before. After meeting with you, we thought that your plan seemed very reasonable and might provide a solution to our problem. Evidently the marketing worked as you were ultimately able to obtain a price that was twenty five percent higher than our minimum. With the sale closing this week, we are grateful that the auction opportunity was made available to us.
Throughout this process, we had to consult with you about several issues. I appreciated the fact that you either answered your phone personally, or never took more than twenty minutes to return a call. It's hard to get such personal service when dealing with most businesses today. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the entire process, and 1'd be happy to recommend you to anyone I know that needs speed up the process for selling their home. Thanks again.